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How to use a Barcode scanner for Products

Clinicea supports the use of a barcode scanner in multiple ways. Let us look at how to use it for inventory.

Example: You have an in-house pharmacy and would like to use the barcode scanner while dispensing.


1. Go to Inventory– open up any inventory, Example: Aspirin.


2. Inventory Details | SKU (Stock Keeping Unit)- enter the machine-readable code you want to add to the Inventory Example: ASP101. You will see that a bar-code is generated automatically, Save.


  • The auto-generated bar-code must be the same code used for the inventory item.
  • No two SKUs’ can be the same for two different inventories.

    Let us have a look at how to use the bar-code scanner while dispensing an inventory item i.e. Aspirin in Pharmacy:

    1. Pharmacy | click on New Prescription and select a Patient.


    2. Add Bill Items– follow these steps to use the scanner:
    (a). Place the cursor of your mouse on Search Textbox,
    (b). Now use the barcode scanner to scan the barcode on the item. The system will auto-fetch Aspirin based on the scanned SKU code that was entered i.e. ASP101.
    (c). Simply click on the +button beside Aspirin to dispense the same.


    You can use the barcode scanner for as many items as you like, provided you have entered the SKU code for these items.