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How to settle pending Bills

Settlement of pending bills can be done with ease. You have the option to select which bills to pay, or let Clinicea list out the dues by date.

Ex: Roger Moore has 3 bills that are the pending totaling Rs. 1000.

1st Bill:   6th June 2017 for Rs. 400.
2nd Bill: 8th December 2017 for Rs. 50.
3rd Bill: 10th February 2018 for Rs. 550.

1. Paying the Bills in the default order

Go to Financials | New Payment | Select Patient Name | Enter Payment Amount and Mode | Save.
In this case, Rs.1000 will be split across 3 pending bills (Oldest first and newest last), thus clearing off all the bills.


2. Paying the Bills Manually

Go to Financials | New Payment | Select Patient Name | Enter Payment Amount | Select Payment Mode and Select how much you want to pay for which bill | Save.
In this case, Roger Moore has decided to pay Rs. 500 against a due of Rs. 550.


You also have the option to pay more than the pending bill amount. In that case, it will convert the excess amount as Advance. Advance can be refunded or be used for any other payments in the future.