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Release Notes

September 2020 Release


A feedback system built for medical clinics, from ground up. Once you get on it, your patients will experience the next level of care, that is the reserve of the very large enterprises only. Now you can have it.

Incentivize: Feedback surveys are dime a dozen, but most come from an angle “Give feedback…..”. We have the patient first, i.e. “Earn a 1000 points by giving your feedback…”. You have full control over this setup.

Pro-actively act: Feedback is not shared with the staff/doctor who met the patient – as the feedback is about that staff / doctor. It is not shared with the admin, as the admin is most likely a back-end IT person who is not equipped in a front-facing role. Feedback is not shared with the clinic owner, as you don’t have the time to act upon each of them. Instead  feedback and then too, low feedback in real time is notified to a crack team of clinic staff who can call up the Patient and proactively reach out to those leaving a poor feedback, ensuring the clinic brand gets better and bigger.

Reporting: You can see raw feedback as well as statistics. Deep feedback insights are coming soon too.



  • Clinic Team Notifications: You can now setup a crack team of clinic staff at your head clinic. These team members can be configured to receive online appointment cancellations, low feedback scores and more, from across child clinics.



  • Change of Cancellation Date: You can now change the cancellation date for your bills and payments. Lets you tally up our end of the month taxation computations.
  • Sell More Packages: You can now sell packages from the calendar. Simplified step by step guide for your reception to make it happen in 2 clicks.
  • Points system: Now you can setup specific categories of services where no points will be earned. Use this for your bread and butter stuff e.g. consultation and followups should give away no points from your clinic. You can reserve points for specific high margin service categories only.
  • Membership system: The icon for membership and the sticker to denote the same has been changed to make it easier to spot patients who belong to the membership program.



  • Version 2.0 launched: More chutzpah, super intuitive with smart alerts for you patients letting them know just in time when their ticket is next, is here.



  • To Confirm or not to Confirm: You now can see what % of your appointments for the day are confirmed. You can then filter out unconfirmed appointments and get your reception to call them up for a confirmation. Similarly, if the stats show you that only a low % of your appointments are confirmed e.g. 10%, you can continue to take on more bookings. Vice versa, if the stats show you that a high% of your appointments are confirmed e.g. 80%, you will need to stop taking on more new bookings for the day.
  • Freeing up of services on No-Show & Cancellations: Now when you cancel an appointment or mark it as a no-show, the service inside the appointment will be removed. This ensures that if you had used up a package service in an appointment which then gets cancelled, the same is freed-up for re-booking.
  • Video Appointments: Now you can schedule package appointments as virtual video calls too.


August 2020 Release

  • Online Feedback is here. Once you check out an appointment, you can have Clinicea reach out to the patient and take their feedback. What’s even better, you can incentivize the feedback gathering by offering the patient free points for sharing their feedback.
  • Casesheet Printouts can now have unique serial numbers. Useful when you are printing fitness certificates. Just enable the option by enabling the preference inside the casesheet.



  • Quotation when being converted to bill now has 2 options. You can convert it to a package or to a bill. Convert it to a package if you plan to complete the services in the quotation at a later date. Convert it to a bill if all services are already complete.
  • Pending list of items will auto expand if a patient has a single package
  • Patient Summary snapshot will display financial information only if the staff viewing it has financial permission.
  • New reports for Vendor Balances and Corporate Balances.


July 2020 Release

Some minor improvements

  • The stock status of items inside a Rx Combo also comes up. Earlier the stock status would only come for a Rx Item, not for items inside a Rx combo.
  • New Report made, “Family Members”. It shows all the patients who belong to a single family family, total member count along with the family’s combined billing with the clinic.
  • New print layout for Patient registration added. Earlier when you print a patient’s demographic details, by default you would see a patient ID card. This is now a secondary option. By default when you print, you now get the complete patient details.
  • CallBox has a new permission, you can configure a user to be able to view the call details of another staff member. Useful for CallBox supervisors.
  • New Permission added in calendar, to allow only read-only access to the Scheduler. Useful when you want some of the staff members to only view their schedule and not edit it.
  • New Patient Portal now shows reference ranges for vitals and lab results.
  • New Patient Portal now also lets you access all the attachments for an investigation.
  • New Patient Portal now displays total points accumulated on the dashboard itself.
  • Support for Paypal as a payment gateway now available through Patient Portal, Video Calling as well as in Virtual Assistant.
  • Advance Bill has been renamed to Custom package in Financials.
  • Spam: A lot of the emails being sent on your behalf i.e. appointment reminders, invoices, receipts, end up in the spam folder of the recipient – the patient. While we have worked on this for a while now with the email provider  –, since the expected results were not achieved, we have now started the migration to a new email service i.e. Amazon SES. Our tests have shown a consistent performance with the issue of mails going to spam almost eliminated.


June 2020 Release

Some minor improvements

  • CallBox Details – the window that the opertor sees when making a followup call, now shows complete call history of that lead.


May 2020 2nd Release

Some minor improvements

  • Rx instructions is now doctor specific. Upto 100 such instructions can be saved per doctor.
  • In Appointment search, you can specify if you want to search the patient details, service or just the comments inside the appointment.
  • Cancelled Payments are now included under the Payments List, inside Patient’s chart.


May 2020 1st Release

We have been working behind the scenes on several promising ideas. 2020 is the year they are all finally getting to the point where we can share these ideas in forms of new products with you. So a major announcement, yet again.


📢Queue Management Launched

Finally!. That’s our 4th product launch in 2020. It lets you create Queues for Doctors or even Rooms, and handle walk-ins in a systematic manner, just as they do in banks. Useful for super-busy waiting rooms.


That and some more:

  • 💰Razorpay Integration Complete. In fact we went a step further and now offer a single window shop for end-to-end Razor setup for your clinic. That includes all the paperwork too😃.
  • 👩‍🔬Virtual Assistant: Just keeps getting better and better. We added a small review step, before the final form submission by the patient.
  • Multi-Tasking goes to the Next Level: You can now setup overlapping rosters i.e. make yourself available across multiple clinics. Clinicea will auto block your availability and ensure overlaps in appointments don’t happen.


April 2020 Release

Few major announcements. After several years under development, we have launched 3 new products 🙂

1. Telehealth: You can do secure video calls room inside the patient’s chart. Complete payment integration and prescription delivery.

2. Virtual Assistant: You can now switch on virtual assistants for your clinic. These are bots that will contact patients to fill out questionnaire before their visit. Get consent signed. Share lab results and more.

3. Stunning and powerful Patient Portal: A new patient portal built from ground up. Designed for simplicity and aesthetics. Backed by a comprehensive permissions module. Control how much you want to share.


Along with it several enhancements

– In the mobile number field, country code now stands separated out.

– You can now send payment links to Patients to pay online. All you need is a stripe account.

March 2020 Release


  • EMR loading now displays a non-clickable viewable image, till such time the patient’s data is getting loaded. This prevents accidental clicks based on partial data that was becoming viewable.
  • When copying a visit for a patient, duplicate Rx items will be skipped. Duplicate check is based on Rx Name only.
  • EMR printouts can now include graphical charts for vitals with dates and values.
  • If you exit the EMR without saving you get a prompt to save your changes.



  • New permission added for editing of leads and patients. This to ensure that green staff members do not end up overwriting critical data.



  • Patient Details icon now shifted to behind the 3 dots area.
  • New: Appointment Queue now in Beta.
  • New: Secure video calling appointments now in beta
    • You can now set separate SMS and email reminders for video call appointments
    • Video call appointments can now be made by the patient via the mobile app as well as by staff in Clinicea Cloud.



  • Sometimes when giving a discount, a staff member ends up writing the discount in negative i.e. instead of writing 20% they end up writing 20%. But -20% means you want to charge a premium over and above the listed price. Some clinics like to do this, others may end up doing so accidentally. To avoid mistakes we now prompt you to specifically approve charging a premium in the event you type in a negative discount.
  • Transaction History can be printed with or without internal comments
  • When billing you can elect to apply taxes on individual service items like you could for inventory items earlier.
  • Comments from a cancelled package are copied over to the adjustment entry also.
  • When billing (and in appointment), all packages by default now appear collapsed in the pending flyout. It earlier used to appear as expanded, with package items in a package listed out. Collapsing was done so that you can get the big picture quickly and identify all the pending packages of a patient.
  • OTP option now available to patients when redeeming of points, for better security.



  • The corporate can now associate patients as its members.
  • Corporate now has a field called “Corporate Administrator” – a medical professional who will get to manage the health records of all its members. This is a step towards making it easy for Clinics to offer health management services to Corporates.



  • Version 2 of Analytics now in Beta with support for Financials, Products, Services and Packages.
  • Inter year and Intra-year comparison are now available in a click along with the option to export.



  • All common bill reports now also display bill time.
  • By default when opening the report we display the report view instead of the chart view.



  • Version 2.0 of API released to make integration with mobile apps quicker.


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