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The Quickcare Clinics Limited, a private limited liability company incorporated under the laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, with Registration (RC) Number 1406074  (hereinafter referred to as “QUICKCARE, “We”, “Us” “Our” ) is committed to protecting Users (“You”, “Your”) privacy and ensuring they have a positive experience on Our website, // (hereinafter referred to as ‘‘Website”).

QUICKCARE uses world-class data centers to securely house sensitive data. In addition, We have put in place numerous security measures to help protect against the loss, misuse, or alteration of information within the system. QUICKCARE has developed this in-depth privacy statement to keep Users informed about the data we collect, how the data is used and general information on using this Website. If some items of this privacy policy seem unsuitable for Users, We recommend to Users not to use the software products, services, and information of this Website.

When Users send a request to evaluate the product(s), request information about QUICKCARE products and services using the contact forms, Users may provide Us with their personal data such as name, email address, and company name. QUICKCARE does not collect any additional personal data unless Users provide it voluntarily using the fields in the contact forms.

QUICKCARE may also collect Your personal data when You take part in surveys, contests or register to participate in special offers.

QUICKCARE may collect non-personal or anonymous data such as duration of Users visit, the pages visited, browser type, device type, country, city, referral site where Users are coming from (if any), etc when Users use the Website. This is not a full or comprehensive list of anonymous data QUICKCARE may collect. The anonymous data We collect is based on the features and abilities of the third-party analytics software that We use. In this case, QUICKCARE shall collect only such information that does not allow us to identify the User; this type of information is used only for statistical work. The better We understand your needs, the faster You will find the required information on Our Website.

Regardless of how your data is collected, all of the Users information is only used internally and will not be shared with other third parties

This Website uses Google Analytics, a web analytics service provided by Google, Inc. (“Google). The services help Us to improve Your experience of visiting this Website and use cookies that are stored on Users computer/device and contain information about Users visit, duration, visited pages, country, browser type, device type, etc.

QUICKCARE uses advertising functionality of Facebook (pixels) that is added to Our Web site’s pages and allows Us to send data about visitors’ actions performed on Our Website. By means of pixels, Facebook creates custom audiences of people who visit specific pages or set of pages and/or make a conversion.

QUICKCARE do not transfer or disclose any personally identifiable information to Facebook.

By means of Google Analytics, We may create custom audiences of people who visit a particular page or set of pages or/and make any conversion on Our Website. We use Display Advertising Remarketing by Google AdWords to show specific and relevant ads to the created audiences. QUICKCARE does not transfer or disclose any personally identifiable information to Google. Users may adjust the settings of the ads they want or do not want to see on the Website, using this website

QUICKCARE shall use third-party e-commerce provider (the “Provider”) for processing Users orders and payments. All the payment documents such as receipts, invoices, payment confirmation are sent to Users by this provider. When submitting Your order, Users may provide some personal information such as name, email address, postal address, telephone number, and company name. When Users payment orders are processed through credit/debit card, the credentials of the credit/debit card are provided.

After payment is processed, We shall receive part of Users personal data, such as name, email address, company name, telephone number, and Order ID assigned to Your purchase. We shall receive the information to send the relevant license/login information, the download link to the software product and your credentials to log in to the Clients Area and Support Center. QUICKCARE does not receive and/or collect the payment data (the credentials of Your credit card or some other payment information) belonging to the User.

According to the information from the Provider, it has confirmed its status of accredited Level 1 Service Provider, following a comprehensive auditing process performed by GRSee Consulting an independent Quality Security Assessor (QSA). PCI-DSS is the worldwide information security standard set by the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council, to ensure full security of sensitive data and protection against risks of credit card fraud.

QUICKCARE’s Website uses cookies to track preferences of the visitors of the Website and subsequent optimization of its design. Cookies are small text files that are stored on the visitor’s computer/device. They facilitate the navigation and make the whole visit of the Website more comfortable. Cookies may also be used to determine whether Users computer/device visited this Website before. Cookies may contain Users personal data only where You gave the appropriate permission for this (for example, encrypted login credentials for your access to Clients Area or Support Site). Users can visit QUICKCARE’s Website with cookies disabled as well. The majority of web browsers have the cookies enabled by default, but Users can check their settings and disable them personally. Also, You can delete all cookies that are stored on Your computer/device at any time. QUICKCARE shall also inform Users that disabling cookies may prevent Users from using some of the services of the Website.

QUICKCARE may use the personal data collected from Users and the product used or evaluate with the following purposes:

  • to provide Users with the links to the relevant version of the product(s) and login details to Clients Area and Support Center;
  • to send the supporting and learning materials corresponding to the product(s) to the Users’ to use or to evaluate;
  • during the evaluation period, We may send to the Users, the information about the product’s features, documentation, samples, support services, licenses, and other corresponding information;
  • to inform Users about new releases of the product(s) and services;
  • to inform Users about any changes to the product(s) and services usage terms and conditions
  • to inform Users about new products;
  • to provide Users with the technical and non-technical support;
  • to get User feedback on the product(s) and services they use or evaluate to improve the quality and adjust the roadmap;
  • to get Users’ feedback on the documentation and the quality of the work of technical support team;
  • to inform Users about special offers that are relevant to the product(s) they use or evaluate;
  • to get a testimonial or a case study that will be published on QUICKCARE’s website and social media accounts. The contents of the published material will be discussed with Users prior to the publication;
  • to reply to User’s feedback that they may leave after the use or evaluation of the product(s); and
  • to inform Users about the expiration of the support/updates subscription (both by phone and email).

QUICKCARE shall store Users’ personal data only for the period of time required to provide Users with the relevant information and check whether they are entitled to get paid technical support, such that when Users give Us the consent to process their personal data, We will store it according to Users consent and/or till Users withdraw their consent.

When Users get QUICKCARE’s product for evaluation or purchase a license from We, Users may occasionally receive promotional emails. Users interests are considered in the specific products and in most cases, these emails contain relevant information about special offers, contests, new products and services, updated products and services that Users show interest in. QUICKCARE shall send this information by direct emails, or via third party email service providers.

At any time, Users may stop receiving marketing and promotional information by clicking “Unsubscribe” at the bottom of each email or sending Us a direct request to to unsubscribe from further promotional emails.

Users shall miss information relating to news and updates when they unsubscribe from receiving QUICKCARE’s promotional emails. When promotional emails include information about product updates, you may miss news about these updates. Nevertheless, Users will be able to visit QUICKCARE’s blog or login to the Clients Area to get the relevant information. If You purchase a license for our product(s) and unsubscribe from promotional emails, You will get notifications about your support/updates period expiration and We will not consider this type of emails promotional but for information purposes.

QUICKCARE shall store personal information of Users and customers evaluation to enable Us to send new updates and news about the products they obtained. In addition, We need this personal data to have reasons to provide official paid technical support that is available only in case if a client has an active support subscription. Nevertheless, You have the right to request the deletion of Your personal information and QUICKCARE confirms that the data will be deleted within thirty (30) days of making such request. To make such a request, please contact us at

This Website may contain links to other sites. Please note that QUICKCARE is not responsible for the Users security on other sites so Users should study the privacy policy and other terms of the other sites.

QUICKCARE reserves the right to disclose Users personal data in the following cases:

  • in accordance with requirements of the legislation, for example, in connection with demands from governmental authorities, legal and contractual disputes;
  • in the case where We believe that the disclosure of the personal data is necessary to protect its rights and safety. For example, to study the possible violation of its terms of use; to identify, prevent or reveal fraud or any other problems connected with security.

The data entered on this Website is automatically encrypted using SSL (Sockets Layer Protocol). SSL is the industry standard for transferring sensitive data over the internet.

In order to protect Users data from fraud, leakage, and damage, QUICKCARE takes a number of technical and organizational security measures. As technological progress rises, We improve these measures.

QUICKCARE reserves the right to make changes to this Privacy Policy at any time. The date of the latest changes will be stated at the bottom of this Privacy Policy page. In case of important changes, QUICKCARE may inform Users by email. Nevertheless, We encourage Users to visit this Privacy Policy page from time to time.

If Users have any questions related to this Privacy Policy or security of this Website, please write to us at