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How to make proposals for clinic chains

Dear XXX,

As a part of the Clinicea Enterprise initiative, we offer you a risk free proposition to try out the Clinicea Platform and experience the Clinicea Service. We believe Clinicea has simplest and yet the most advanced platform for Clinic Chains and hence would like you to put it to test for xxx.

Our proposition for xxx is the 2 + 2 Model. Under this model we offer the you a 4 month free trial period. This 4 month period is broken down into 2 segments of 2 months each.

We send you a checklist of the data we need. You simply fill out the excel sheets we have provided and send it back. ex; intake forms, existing patient details, services, packages, inventory and more. We bring all of this information over to Clinicea, and setup a personalized account for you. We do understand that not all of your data may be readily available, and therefore set aside 2 months, only to get the data setup the right way. There is no time pressure to get it done in a hurry, we will work with you to get it done just right.

Once the account is ready, you enter the 2nd segment. This also lasts 2 months. During this time we run a pilot with you, in a few select clinics of your choice. We train your team and get them to start using Clinicea for all of the important workflows at xxx.  You get to experience first hand the ease of use of the Clinicea Platform. Most importantly you also get to experience the Trainers, Product Specialists and Customer Success Teams at Clinicea, who will all work to achieve technology best practises at xxx. We will basically add to your IT Team staff strength at no additional cost to you.

Post the completion of 4 months you have the option to rollout Clinicea at all of your other Clinics by giving the go ahead to billing. In case you are not fully satisfied, you can opt out by deleting your account. That’s it. There is no monetary obligation at your end. The entire service is free, because we are confident that we can add value to xxxx.


Next Step
If you want to give this a try, just email me back or call me back at xxx


We look forward to working with you. Please feel free to write in should you have any further queries.