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How to prevent staff from accessing Clinicea from outside the Clinic

For security purposes you may want to prevent Clinic Staff from accessing Patient Data outside off the clinic. Clinicea lets you easily control this. Let us have a look at how to enable this security feature.

a. Go to tools | Organization and click on organisation name to open, Ex: The Functional Medicine Clinic.FAQ Security1


b. A new Organization Details window will open, scroll to the bottom of the page to Preferences.


c. Preferences | Security, click to open


d. A Security Settings window will open.

Go to Logins should be allowed only from this IP, set the static clinic IP address here. Once you put in the IP address, no staff , except Administrator can login from any other IP address click OK.FAQ Security4


e. Now go back to Organization Details and Save.FAQ Security5


Done you have successfully prevented all staff (except the administrator) from accessing Clinicea from outside the clinic. Only the administrator will be allowed to log in from outside the clinic.