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How to Import Leads

After conducting a seminar or a marketing drive you may get a lot of inquiries, that may get recorded in an excel file or a text file. We will show you how you can import over these lists import in our CRM, in few simple steps.

1. Go to Tools | Data Import. This will open the Data Loader Screen.

2. From the drop-down on the left, select Lead. This will open the Lead Data Loader screen.

3. The Load Data tab will be automatically selected. First, you have to download the file format for loading Leads.
 Goto Step 1 “ Click on the Download button to download the file format.

4. Now you have to enter your lead details in the downloaded file as per the format in it and save it.

5. Goto Step 2 “ Click on the camera image under Select the data file to upload, which will open a Document box. In this box click on Select a File button and browse the file in which you have entered the Leads data.

Once the file is selected click on Save.

6. Goto Step 3 “ Click on Upload The Data File button and wait for the progress bar to finish the upload. Once the progress bar is completed the Leads in the file will be imported in CRM module.