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How to handle Consumables when completing a Service

In the course of giving a service to a Patient, you may need to use some Inventory to complete the service. Such usage of Inventory items is also referred to as Consumables. You can setup Clinicea such that it auto deducts inventory item used, whenever a service is given to a Patient.

For Example: Let us assume you are an Aesthetic Clinic and provides a Service called “Acne Treatment”. When this service is given to the patient, small amounts of AVEDERM Acne Treatment cream and AVEDERM Soothing Face Cleanser is used. These products are not sold to the Patient but it is consumed during the treatment. You will need to manage and account for these products, even though small amounts of them are being consumed.

Let us have a look at how to handle Consumables when completing a Service:

1. Go to Tools | Services | +Add New.

2. A Service Item window will open | Service Name, enter the name of the service. For example,  Acne Treatment. Enter all relevant details (For more info, please click on How to add and edit Services)


3. Now scroll down to Consumables Inventory | click on +button beside Consumable Products| a Consumable Products list will open on the right-hand side of the page.

Click on the +button beside the Inventory Item that will be used during the treatment.
For example, AVEDERM Acne Treatment cream and AVEDERM Soothing Face Cleanser

Once added, under Add New Consumables Inventory enter the approximate quantity of the products that will be used for the treatment. For Example, 0.50 units | Save.


4. Done! You have successfully added Consumable Inventories to the Service it will be used in. Therefore, when the Patient is billed for the Service, Acne Treatment, 0.5 of AVEDERM Acne Treatment cream and AVEDERM Soothing Face Cleanser will get auto-deducted from Inventory.


In case you want to charge your Patients for the Consumables used in a Service, Clinicea gives you the option to do so by setting up the following Prerequisite:

1. Go to Tools | Organisation | Preferences | Financial.


2. Switch on Auto add Consumable used in a Service to a Bill.


3. This preference will auto-add Consumables of a Service to the Invoice as a billable item when that Service is billed. Example: Service Acne Treatment is added as a Bill Item and the linked consumables AVEDERM Acne Treatment cream and AVEDERM Soothing Face Cleanser get auto-added to the Bill.