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How to Fetch Patient Visit Data from Clinicea via API


Sometimes a Client might require to fetch the patient encounter data from Clinicea for their own requirements. This data can be fetched via Clinicea API.

According to this approach  an API call will fetch the encounter data (in XML format). Client can use the same call to fetch the data and format it as per your requirement.

So for the purpose of handling this, the API calls in Clinicea as follows.

  1. getPatientVisit

Let’s get down to the details of both this API calls one by one.


1. getPatientVisit:

This API method is accessible through Patient Visit Controller. This a GET method. The method will search for the patient encounter data of the patient against a sync date that will be passed by the user. If the search is successful, it will fetch the encounter data and will return in XML.

Authorization: The API role must have the necessary permissions enabled in the Clinicea Application.


Parameter Description


lastSyncDate Format should be an ISO 8601 notation in UTC ex: “2015-03-21T14:30:10”. Last Sync date after which you want to retrieve New, Updated or Deleted patient encounter entries

If the search is successful, it will return an  object which will have the patient encounter details.

This is a STRING value.


casesheetName Name of the casesheet for which you want to fetch the data. This is an optional parameter

This is a STRING value

intPageNo By default it is 1. #100 rows are returned per page. You need to iterate by calling this method again with increasing page numbers ex: 1, 2, 3 ..

This is an INTEGER value


Possible Responses:

Status Response


Patient Encounter Search successful  

An object which will return the Patient Encounter details for that particular patient



Patient Encounter  Search unsuccessful No content



Result  Details:

Property Purpose
EncounterID ID of the patient encounter
EncounterGUID GUID of the patient encounters
EncounterXML Encounter Data in the XML format
PatientID ID of the patient
PatientName Name of the patient
PatientFileNo FileNo of the patient
EncounterDate Date of the Encounter
EncounterCaseSheetName CaseSheet for which you are getting the data
EncounterServiceProviderName Name of the staff against whom the encounter data is recorded.