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How to Downgrade a Package to another Package

A Patient on a Package may want to Downgrade to another Package. Downgrade means Patient wants to opt for a Package that costs lower than the current Package. Clinicea handles downgrades as follows:


Let’s see how this downgrading of Package can be done:

For Example: Lets say a patient named Polly is on a Package which is paid in full–
LHR Hand 6 sittings
Price for 1 sitting @ $100 (after 10% Discount) is $90
Package Total  is $540

Now she wants to downgrade to:
LHR Hand 3 sittings
Price for 1 sitting is $100
Package Total is $300


There are 2 ways to initiate the Downgrade

Go to FinancialsNew Bill. Select the Patient name to open the Bill. Ex: Polly. Now on the right hand side under the Add Bill Items | Pending  | click on the arrow keys which can be used for Upgrade/ Downgrade Package. 

It will open another window with 2 tabs Upgrade and Downgrade. Select Downgrade


The Upgrade and Downgrade Package option can also be accessed from Financials | Search Package | search with the Patient Name | select and open the Package | click on More Options | select Downgrade


2.  It will bring up the list of all Packages available in the Clinic that are priced less than the current Package Price. E.x. Less than $540.


3. Select the Package that the Patient needs to downgrade to E.x. LHR Hand 3 sittings by clicking on the (+) icon next to the Package. Once this is done you will find the new Package against the Patient Name has been auto-created. Go to Financials |  Search Package  E.x: LHR Hand 3 sittings.


4. When Downgrading a Package; paid items from Existing Package that are yet to be consumed are refunded back; paid + consumed items from Existing Package are charged Premium as per the List Price of the item; unpaid but consumed items will be added as per List Price. A Refund Bill gets generated automatically. E.x: Price of LHR Hand 1 sitting is $90. Patient has consumed 2 sittings from the old Package of LHR Hand 6 sittings, therefore 4 are unconsumed. LHR Hand 6 sittings has been paid off by the Patient in full and is now being downgraded to LHR Hand 3 sittings. The refund Bill that gets generated will be for 4 of those 6 items that are paid for but not yet consumed i.e bill be for negative 4 x $90 = $ 360.

The Patient will also be charged Premium or Penalty if there is a difference in the  Price of the Service item (i.e. Consumed + Billed ) between the Old and Downgrade Package which in this case is $10 as Price for LHR Hand 1 sitting is $100 in the Downgrade Package and it was $90 in the Old Package. So the Patient will be charged Premium for 2 consumed items of the Old package 2 x $10= $20.

So a Refund Bill will get generated for (- $360 + $20) = – $340


5. The refunded amount is now used to pay off items in the Downgrade Package. A New Bill is generated automatically for those items of the Downgrade Package that is not yet billed. E.x: Downgrade Package consists of LHR Hand 3 sittings but Patient had already paid and consumed  2 sessions. So $340 was refunded in Step 7; items in the Downgrade Package cost $100 each; so a $100 Bill gets generated and the rest $340 – $100 = $240 is held as Advance for the Patient.


6. In the Downgrade Package, items that have been Consumed and Billed in the older package, are “Marked as Complete”. E.x: So from Step 7, 2 items were consumed in the older Package. So post downgrade to 3 sittings, 2 will be considered complete and 1 as pending.


Note: Items in the older Package that do not exist in the new package but are Consumed + Billed will get copied over.