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How to Downgrade a Package to another Package

A Patient on a Package may want to Downgrade to another Package. Downgrade means Patient wants to opt for a Package that costs lower than the current Package. Clinicea handles downgrades as follows:


Let’s see how this downgrading of Package can be done:

For Example, let’s say a patient named Bellatrix is on a Package which is paid in full–
LHR Hand 12 sittings
Price for 1 sitting @ Rs. 3000
Package Total is Rs. 36000 (after 25% Discount) is Rs. 27000

Now she wants to downgrade to:
LHR Hand 6 sittings

Price for 1 sitting is Rs 3000
Package Total is Rs. 18000 (after 33.33% discount) Rs. 12000


There are 2 ways to initiate the Downgrade.

1a. Go to FinancialsNew Bill. Select the Patient name to open the Bill. Ex: Bellatrix Lestrange. Now on the right-hand side of the Add Bill Items | Pending  | click on the three vertical dots and select Downgrade Package from the drop-down list.


1b. The Downgrade Package option can also be accessed from Financials | Search Package | search with the Patient Name | select and open the Package | click on More Options | select Downgrade.


2.  It will bring up the list of all Packages available in the Clinic that are priced less than the current Package Price. For example, Less than Rs. 27000.


3. Select the Package that the Patient needs to downgrade to (suppose, LHR Hand 6 sittings) by clicking on the (+) icon next to the Package name. Once this is done, you will find the new Package against the Patient Name has been auto-created. Go to Financials |  Search Package  E.x: LHR Hand 6 sittings.


4. When Downgrading a Package; paid items from Existing Package that are yet to be consumed are refunded back; paid + consumed items from Existing Package are charged Premium as per the List Price of the item; unpaid but consumed items will be added as per List Price. A Proforma Bill gets generated automatically.
Ex: Price of LHR Hand 1 sitting is Rs. 2250 in the package called LHR Hand 12 sittings. Patient has consumed 3 sittings from the old Package of LHR Hand 12 sittings, therefore 9 are unconsumed. LHR Hand 12 sittings have been paid off by the Patient in full and are now being downgraded to LHR Hand 6 sittings. The Proforma Bill that gets generated will be for 3 of those 12 items that are paid for and consumed i.e bill will be for 3 x Rs. 750= Rs. 2250. Here, Rs. 750 is the discount that was given on per sitting of the item. So, for 3 sittings that have been serviced, Rs. 2250 will be charged as premium from the customer.


5. An adjustment is also created where the whole amount of the previous package has been refunded.  It will show in negative and will be added as an advance by the patient’s name.


6. The refunded amount is now used to pay off items in the Downgrade Package. A New Bill has generated automatically for the Downgrade Package. 


7. In the Downgrade Package, items that have been Consumed and Billed in the older package, are “Marked as Complete”. E.x: So from Step 7, 2 items were consumed in the older Package. So post downgrade to 3 sittings, 2 will be considered complete and 1 as pending.


Note: Items in the older Package that do not exist in the new package but are Consumed + Billed will get copied over.