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How to add a New Organisation

You can add a new Clinic by either filling in the details yourself, OR, by copying over the details from an existing clinic in your group (relevant for clinic chains). However, you need to be an Administrator in order to add a new clinic. Let us have a look at how to set up a new Clinic:


1. Go to Tools| Organization | click on + New Organization.


2. An Organization Details window will open, enter all relevant fields with the information you have.


3. Now scroll down to the bottom of the page to Preferences.


4. Click on each module to set up Preferences for it.

a. Calendar: You can set up Preferences for your Clinic’s Calendar by clicking on the Calendar Button. (For more info, please click on How to set the business hours of your Clinic)

b. CallBox: You can set up Preferences for your CallBox by clicking on the CallBox button. (For more info, please have a look at How to set up Preferences in CallBox)

c. Clinical: you can set up EMR Preferences for your Clinic by clicking on the Clinical button. (For more info, please have a look at How to setup Clinical Preferences in EMR)

d. Financials: You can set up Financial Preferences for your Clinic by clicking on the Financial button. (For more info, please have a look at How to set up Preferences in Financials).

e. Communication: To set up Communication Preferences for your Clinic, Click on Communication button(For more info, please click on How to set Appointment Reminders).

f. Security: In order to prevent others from logging in to your account from other sources, secure your account by clicking on Security under Preferences and saving your IP address.

g. Online Bookings: You can set up Preferences for Online Bookings by clicking on the Online Bookings button (For more info, please click on How to set-up online booking)

h. Social Media: Link you social media accounts to your online booking page.

i. Payment Gateway: If you want to set up direct credit card/debit card payment processing through Clinicea, enter details here and click on Save.

j. Regional Settings: click on the Regional Settings button to set up your time-zone, language, currency symbol etc. | click Save.

Note: Clinicea supports up to 3 places after the decimal point and you set this up by entering the digits in Decimal Digits. For Example: If you are in Indonesia, there is no use of a decimal value as the lowest value of the currency is Rp 50, so you would enter 0 here. On the other hand, if you are in India, 0.50 paise is in use and has some market value. In which case you would enter 2 here.

k. Lab Results: if your clinic is integrated with a lab and you want to set it up, enter details here and click on Save. 


5. Now click on Save in the Organization Details page. Done! The new Clinic has been added to your Organization list. You need to re-login for the changes to take effect and the New Clinic will now appear on the list of Organizations.

6. If you want to Delete a Clinic, simply click on the three vertical dots to the right of the clinic name and Delete under Tools | OrganisationEx: Life is Good Clinic.