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How to account for Inventory used by the Clinic

Inventory Items are typically used for treatments provided by the clinic. Sometimes Clinics may need to use Inventory Items as testers for Patients that visit the Clinic, or therapists may need to use them in the course of treatment. These Items have to be accounted for to ensure that stock quantities are in sync whenever a physical stock-take or audit is done at the Clinic.

For example: Let us assume that a Patient has come to your Clinic for a Hair Fall Treatment. Before you start the treatment, the Patient requires a hair wash. The Clinic provides the Patient with a hair wash and uses an Inventory Item- Hair Forever Shampoo. The shampoo being used must be accounted for.

Similarly, a Patient comes into your Clinic to buy a Hair Spray but wants to check the consistency and texture of the spray. She also wants to test it to see whether it keeps her hair intact and does not cause any allergies. You decide to unpack a hairy spray bottle and mark it as a tester, so that patients like her, can try out the Hair Spray before purchase. Yet again, the Hair Spray you use as a tester must be accounted for.


Let us have a look at how to account for Inventory Items used by the Clinic internally:




a. You will first need to create a Patient and use the Clinic Name as Patient Name. Then categorize the Patient as Clinic.

Go to Patient | Patient Details | Patient Name, enter the Clinic name here. For example: let’s say the Clinic name is Colaba West, so you need to enter the Patient Name as Colaba West. Fill in all other fields as required.




b. Scroll down to Category and select Clinic | Save.

If Clinic is not available in the drop down, just type it in.




You will now need to create a Bill for the Product being used.

Go to Financials | New Bill | Select Patient i.e. Colaba West | Add Bill Items | Inventory, click on the +button beside the inventory item you want to add. For example: Hair Forever Shampoo.

Now go to Apply Discount Schedule | Select FOC for Clinic Use| Save. 


If you do not have FOC for Clinic Use available in the drop down, please create one as per the information given here (For more info click on…)


Done! The Inventory Item used internally, is now accounted for.

Since you have created a Bill and selected the FOC (Free of Cost) for Clinic Use, financial accounting has been taken care of.  The Product will also get automatically deducted from the available quantity of stock in hand, ensuring future audits and stock-take will always match up.