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How can front desk finalize the time of a Recall Appointment

A Doctor when dealing with a line of treatment that spans several months, would advise a Followup to the patient at the end of each visit. While the Doctor can determine the no: of days/weeks, after which the Patient should return, the timing of the appointment is best left to the Receptionist.

Doctor sets up the Followup by simply filling in the Recall interval i.e. the Date of Followup in the Patient Chart. Clinicea then auto-creates an Appointment on the specified date. Clinicea picks up the appointment time based on the current time of visit i.e. if the Patient’s current visit started at 05:00 pm and the Doctor sets the Recall for 21 days later, Clinicea auto-creates the next Appointment after 21 days at 05:00 pm.



This may not always be an ideal situation for the Clinic as it may lead to overlapping of Appointments. Alternatively, the Patient may not want the next Appointment at 05:00 pm. Patient may instead ask for 10:00 am Appointment. In situations like these, front desk staff must have the ability to modify and finalize the time of a Followup Appointment.


Let us have a look at how the front desk can finalize the time of a Follow-up Appointment by means of an example.


The Doctor at the end of a visit asks the patient to come back after 21 Days. This the Doctor enters in the Patient’s chart under Followup. Once the Patient has completed the visit, she returns to the front desk and asks for her next Appointment Details from the Receptionist. She requests the Receptionist to schedule her next Appointment in the morning, preferably at 10:00 am. In order to make changes to the Patient’s Appointment, the Receptionist will first need to Search for the Patient’s next Appointment, and then update it.


a.  Go to Calendar | click on Search,




b. A Search bar will open up | select √ Future Appointments | now type in Patient Name or File No and click on Search. The Patient’s future Appointment will appear on the left hand side of the page.




c. Look at the date of the first appointment on your left. Its in bold.

Now navigate the Scheduler to that date i.e. 30th May.



Once you are on the Calendar screen for 30th May, check to make sure 10:00 am is available.




If so, click open the Appointment Details  on your left | Change Recall Appointment time by entering 10:00 am  | Save.




d. The Recall Appointment time has been changed and finalized.