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Electronic Medical Records (EMRs) is the digital representation of a patient’s healthcare information- from Patient Identification, to setting up Patient Appointments, to having access to Patient Medical History, Lab Tests, Diagnosis Tests, to Medication Prescribed, to Physician Notes and Billing, all available to a health practitioner/healthcare professional just by one single click. This is not only fascinating but also unimaginably easy. Apart from the ease of use and easy access to patient data, using an EMR solution, is highly secure and free of human error.

Clinicea is a cloud-based EMR solution consisting of several modules such as Calendar, Investigations, Pharmacy, Financials and Reports etc. within it. However, Clinicea’s main focus is the EMR module, which enhances user experience when it comes to the digital representation of Patients Medical Information.



To explore further into the EMR module of Clinicea, please have a look at the Following FAQS:

  1. How to record a Patient Visit
  2. How to Copy notes from an earlier Patient Visit
  3. How to quickly group Rx for 1 click Prescribing
  4. How to quickly group investigations for 1 click Ordering
  5. How to make your Favourites in EMR
  6. How to add my Drugs
  7. How to set up your favourite Drug Protocols in EMR
  8. How to view Current Rx
  9. How to record Patient History
  10. How to change Pregnancy Status
  11. How to enter Patient Allergies
  12. How to mark Assessments as Active
  13. How to print Referrals
  14. How to set up Follow ups and Recalls
  15. How to Print Prescriptions and send ERx
  16. How to Write Patient Letters
  17. How to access Patient Demographics from Patient Chart
  18. How to transfer a Patient from one clinic to another
  19. How to attach Documents to a Patient Chart


Medical Summary

  1. How to read a Patients Medical Summary
  2. How to export a Patient’s complete Medical Summary in 1 click
  3. How to spot Vitals and Lab Trends
  4. How to set Patient Goals
  5. How to monitor Progress Indicators


Past Data

  1. How to view a Patient’s Past Visits
  2. How to enter Past Dated (external) visits
  3. How to access all Past Visit Data of a Patient
  4. How to import Paper-based records into EMR
  5. How to record past Lab Results quickly
  6. How to view Past Medications of a Patient



  1. How to use Medical Imaging
  2. How to add System Images
  3. How to take before and after images


Case Sheet

  1. How to build a Case Sheet
  2. How to create Clinical Groups using Tools
  3. How to create Clinical Items


Information and Handouts

  1. How to get access to a free library of Patient Education Material
  2. How to set up Patient Handouts
  3. How to access Drug Monographs



  1. How to combine Patients into a Family
  2. How to Manage Family



  1. How to get a Patient’s Immunization History
  2. How to create an Immunization Item
  3. How to set up and assign an Immunisation Schedule for a Patient
  4. How to view Growth Charts



  1. How to associate Chief Complaints with HPI
  2. How to set up Preventive Health Reminders
  3. How to order Investigations
  4. How to prescribe Rx
  5. How to re-prescribe Rx
  6. How to get medication quantities auto-calculated when prescribed
  7. How can a Physician continue a triage started by a Nurse
  8. How to Mark Off critical info in Patient History
  9. How to give and track Patient Advise
  10. How to use the Slideshow feature to iterate over images across past visits.
  11. How to setup Clinical Preferences in EMR
  12. How does Auto-lock work on Encounters
  13. How to add your Digital Signature on the Prescription
  14. How does BMI work



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