How to Allow (or Block) Camera and Mic Access in Chrome

TheĀ Google ChromeĀ web browser lets you control which websites have access to your webcam and microphone. When you allow or block a website from accessing either device, Chrome stores that website in a setting that you can later change. Chrome keeps the settings for both the microphone and the camera within theĀ Content settingsĀ section.   Let us …

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How to Record a Patients Consent to the Clinic’s Privacy Policy

With GPDR (EU Region) coming into force on 25th May 2018, it has become mandatory to record a Patient’s Consent towards the Clinics Privacy Policy.Ā Clinics will be able to issue their Privacy Policy notice to their existing patients and record the compliance results in Clinicea. Let us take an example of an existing patient visiting …

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Why we did what we did

Descent into “Enterprise Software” Wanting to be the best, is an aspiration that every company harbours. We are no different. Over the past 5 years we have been proactively introducing new features and new modules, trying to keep Clinicea in sync with emerging requirements of Clinics across disciplines and geographies. But letā€™s face the facts, …

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8 MUST-HAVE features in your In-House Pharmacy Management Software

Staff responsible for managing your in-house clinic pharmacy have to deal not only with patients and their prescriptions but also with related documents pertaining toĀ invoices, insurance, purchase orders, expired stock and so on. More often than not, an In-House Pharmacy whose basis of an establishment isĀ offering of 1-stop shop convenience to Patients ends up becoming …

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Want to know the secret to more Revenue? Empower your patients- Part II

In the developed markets the usage of Patient Portal has gone beyond being vitamins to becoming painkillers. Rather than being used as an optional information display tool, it is now being used to cut waiting times and maximize use of consulting hours for the Clinicians. Primary as well as Aesthetics and even Ancillary Clinics in …

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Want to know the secret to more Revenue? Empower your patients- Part I

Here in this article, you will get to know about a feature that has the capability to revolutionize the way healthcare industry works- Patient Portal. Willing to explore more about what this is? Well, here you go! Patient Portal is a website on which your patients can log in to view their medical records as …

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